Load Cell Weight and Pressure Sensor

In the business of scales and load measurement, load cells are well known solutions that are found in a big percentage of weighing applications and some monitoring applications as well. In order to achieve optimal precision, load cells need to be mounted properly. There are many different ways to install or secure a load cell into a structure but they all require some modifications and/or some lifting to properly secure the load cell into, under or over the structure to be monitored.

Load cells sensors are usually catered to different applications and setups. They vary in different sizes, designs, load capacities, build quality, material, ratings, certifications and many other factors.

What is important for you know is the fact that there are strain gauges in almost every single load cell. Those strain gauges are very small in size and very fragile by themselves, now in order to build a load cell those strain gauges must be bonded very carefully in a very clean laboratory environment at a specific location on the actual body of the load cell, and at a specific direction in order to obtain the most reliable output, accuracy, and linearity.

Load cell sensor are highly precise and are widely used for standard weighing applications. They are easily installed when your structure is modified and designed to receive a specific size, capacity, and model of load cell sensor for your specific application, however in certain cases and certain applications a standard load cell is not feasible due to the following facts:

-cant modify a pre-existing structure due to its original approvals in relation to rated capacity and specifications

-when the price is way out of budget

-when your structure capacity is too high for standard commonly found load cells

-when the structure can’t be lifted to install a load cell under it

-when you were told it was just not doable


This is where the Flexco’s patented sensor thrives. Our sensor technology allows any industry to transform their solid structure into the actual load measuring cell. Our patented sensor allows you to bond the strain gauges directly onto the structure in question. We eliminate most of the concerns regarding modifying structures, pricing, capacity, lifting, and the ANSWER: “NO IT CAN’T BE DONE”.