Intelligent Structures Inc. has officially started using Flexco’s patented technology when installing full monitoring systems on structures such as bridges mainly to achieve maximum installation efficiency and reliable long-term monitoring.
Intelligent Structures Inc. also offers the service of permanent remote monitoring of structures.


Mounted Flexco Sensor:


Intelligent Structures, Inc.

Intelligent Structures provides bridge owners and decision-makers real-time measured performance and life cycle analytics regarding their aging infrastructure.

We enable bridges to “talk” and have their structural health assessed utilizing IntelliStruct™ our I-IoT enterprise bridge performance management platform (BPMP).

Utilizing IoT technologies including low-cost sensor networks, proprietary data analytics, machine learning and proprietary enterprise cloud software we enable our customers to monitor and assess bridge life cycle performance.

The result: Bridge owners make better decisions on bridge life cycle management, resulting in safer and more productive management of this crucial asset.

Enterprise Bridge Performance Management Platform:

Bridge Dashboard:

Real-time Strain Measurements from Flexco Sensor:




The following videos is a concept:

The Flexco sensor can be used to limit torque and side load on anything that is subject to load. Overhead cranes, elevators, conveyors, bearings,…