Aerial Work Platform & Outriggers Sensors

Flexco Industries Inc. has been approached on various occasions to apply our sensor technology on various models, brands and capacities of aerial work platforms to help prevent overloading such equipment. Our safety systems can be applied on articulated boom trucks “man lift”, scissor lifts, mast-climbing work platforms and many more.

The advantages of using our patented sensor technology on these equipments will result into a safety system that will make the operator more conscious of the load being lifted, the distribution of the load on the platform, the side loading, the ground level as well as the wind effect. These dangerously important factors are often overseen while working at a job site which could lead to serious injuries or overloading the equipment, especially when following strict deadlines.

Our sensor is able to comply with ANSI standard for all A92 equipment. Please contact us for more details and to discuss your requirements.

The Flexco Sensor Offers The Following:

  • Overload detection to help prevent structure failure
  • Dry contact relays for customers requirements “audible and, visual warning, control block”
  • Data logging “ideal for rental units and warranty purposes”
  • Minimal down time for installation
  • Complies with OEM requirements