Flexco Industries Inc. is a Canadian based Incorporation created in 2003, that specializes in the design and development of worldwide patented electronic sensor technologies. We offer a wide variety of solutions regarding different applications: WEIGHING, SAFETY, SECURITY, AND STRESS MEASUREMENT. Our sensor technology is extremely sensitive, precise, and easy-to-install. Flexco sensors are applied on any solid structure without any modifications and provides accurate readings in relation to deformation, tension, compression, and torque. Flexco Industries Inc.’s team consists of weight and measurement specialists, electronic engineers, and R&D specialists.

Our sensors are used on structures to monitor, particularly but not exclusively, deformations resulting from deflection, load, pressure, or tilt. The sensors provide important data that helps ensure the safety of anyone or anything using the supporting structure. Protection is provided for all the human workers, occupants, users, and the equipment by monitoring unusual variations in the above-described parameters, which could cause severe damage.

Our sensors can be used individually or simultaneously on a plurality of equipment and structures such as forklift trucks, overhead cranes, front loaders, excavators, outdoor aerial lifting equipment “in general”, warehouse racking, elevators, mobile cranes, trucks, trailers, trains, railways, silos, tanks, reservoirs, roofs, floors, bridges, foundations, plus other unlimited applications.

”Patented Technology In Multiple Countries”

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